All I wanted for Christmas was an old lady cart…

Last week for #TransitThursday @gotriangle posted some great gift ideas for the fav commuter in your life. They even suggested that maybe if you are that commuter, you TREAT. YO. SELF.

So, did you receive the commuter gift that was on your wish list? 

  • Maybe it was an umbrella for staying dry at the bus stop?
  • A flashlight for waving down your bus on an early morning?
  • A great pair of walking shoes for walking to the train?
  • A bell or a lock for your bike?
  • Some gloves to keep your hands warm while you wait for the train or bus?
  • A lanyard for carrying your transit pass?
  • An I <3 TRANSIT travel mug for your coffee?
  • Or just some other cool transit shwag to show off your transit pride?

I’ve got to say, I was a very lucky gal this year; I must have been good! I received two new transit map shower curtains for my new digs (MBTA and WMTA), an awesome I <3 Public Transit mug made from corn (sustainable, practical and awesome), a new travel mug for my morning coffee, and I found an awesome transit accessible apartment!

And not to sound ungrateful or unappreciative, quite the contrary – but the one thing I really, really, really wanted for Christmas was an old lady shopping cart.

My hubby searched high and low in Charlotte and could not find one in a store. I’m still convinced it’s because they are clearly all the rave and flew right off the shelves before he was able to find one. ((CLEARLY.))

Laugh if you must, but I think the old lady shopping cart is an essential for the transit commuter. You can carry anything from your laundry to your groceries! I mean, come on – 10,000 old ladies can’t be wrong!!

Still not convinced it’s the coolest thing ever, check out these blogs about the resurgence of the old lady cart:

I’ve decided to take @gotriangle’s advice and TREAT. YO. SELF. I am now on the hunt for the perfect old lady cart. Right now I’m leaning toward the:

Narita™ Super Swiveling Shopping Cart (in black)

Deluxe Hooded Liner (in green)

It has swiveling front wheels and can carry up to 250 pounds of stuff! How awesome is that? 

Sure, there are prettier and more stylish carts out there, but what can beat 250 pounds of stuff?! I can walk, board the bus, complete all of my errands and get it all back on the bus with ease!

Ok, I know… I’m a little too excited about the idea of this old lady cart.

So why don’t you share with us what you received for the holidays?

Did you receive an awesome commuter gift or maybe just something cool to show off your transit pride? Tell us, but don’t forget the hashtag #TransitThursday

And the winner is…

Well, it was an even split between light rail and heavy rail/subway. So clearly, we’re fans of fixed guideway!

When asked why, you said… it’s efficient, fast and all around AWESOME! And hey, what do you know, it’s also what most of you ride every day (or wish you had in your community)

LOVING OUR TRANSIT FANS! Keep up the support for awesome transit options in your community!! 

We also asked what you would like for the next #TransitThursday topic to be. Guess what?! Today’s topic is one of them! So thanks for contributing to this week’s topic!

Here it is!

Tell us about: Transit agencies with the best social media presence. Please do not use this as an opportunity to complain about your agency, but feel free to note where they DO shine! Remember, #TransitThursday is all about celebrating transit, so STAY POSITIVE.

  • Tell us what you like about their presence?
  • What are they doing to engage you?
  • What platforms do they use (twitter, facebook, pinterest, vine, something else?)
  • What types of information do you appreciate? (facts, infographics, upcoming meeting information, answers to questions, surveys, photos?

What makes this transit agency a social media maven? 

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TransitThursday or we can’t hear you!


It’s a meme kind of day. Today’s #TransitThursday topic: make your own meme &amp; share it! 
Don’t forget the hashtag #TransitThursday
Here’s one meme generator site:

Share a great one and we&#8217;ll pin it to our pinterest site! Need some inspiration? Check out what we have so far!

Not feeling creative this morning? Repin or retweet your fav! Just don&#8217;t forget the hashtag #TransitThursday or we can&#8217;t hear you!


It’s a meme kind of day. Today’s #TransitThursday topic: make your own meme & share it!

Don’t forget the hashtag #TransitThursday

Here’s one meme generator site:

Share a great one and we’ll pin it to our pinterest site!

Need some inspiration? Check out what we have so far!

Not feeling creative this morning? Repin or retweet your fav! Just don’t forget the hashtag #TransitThursday or we can’t hear you!

Atlantic Cities, Eric Jaffe (), features a story today about how living near GOOD public transit is correlated with increased satisfaction and quality of life.

So we want to know, what does GOOD transit mean to you?

* Is it mode (rail vs. bus)?
* Is it exclusive or dedicated right of way (rail and BRT vs. streetcar and local bus)?
* Or is frequency = freedom to you?
* Perhaps you prefer the amenities, is it wifi and tv’s?
* Do you like to know exactly when your bus is going to arrive?
* is it accessibility? Making sure there are good sidewalk connections, bus pads for your wheelchair, kneeling buses so you don’t have to climb those stairs with your walker?
* Is it audible announcements of intersections to tell you where you are in your trip?
* Is it a bike rack, do you can carry your bike with you and continue your trip?
* Is it a route that’s direct, with few stops?
* Is it a quiet vehicle, so you can clear your mind?

Tell us this #TransitThursday what makes for GOOD public transit?

#TransitThursday - Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…..

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. So, I’ve been thinking during my morning ride. Riding transit gives me the time to think and process what’s going on in my life.

  • What do you think about while you’re riding transit?
  • Do you plan your day, week or month?
  • Do you make grocery lists?
  • Do you clear your mind from all of the chaos?
  • What great ideas have you had while riding transit?
  • Any life changing revelations?

Tell us what you think about while you’re riding transit.

Today’s #TransitThursday topic comes to us from @transpo_issues AKA Larry Ehl. If you don’t follow Larry, you’re missing out! Larry is one of the Nation’s leading sources for transportation news

@transpo_issues: “…the average bus rider has 3.83 life changing revelations per ride” Photo:  #TransitThursday 

Today’s #TransitThursday topic idea comes to us from @FTA_DOT. Thanks FTA!

In Prague they’re helping people find . Do you have a love story? Tweet us!

In Philadelphia on @SEPTA they celebrate #loveintransit with an annual contest These are real life stories of customers who have found love while riding transit.

Even @glamourmag has featured a story about a couple who found love in the most unlikely place, the subway station: More on that love story here:

Apparently the L-Train in New York really does stand for LOVE

Finding love isn’t mode-limited either, you can find love on a subway, a bus, a light rail vehicle, commuter rail, a ferry or even a passenger rail train. @AMTRAK recently posted a pic on Google+ of a couple who found love while riding @AMTRAK

@Translink Canada features love stories on Valentines Day of couples who found love while riding @Translink: . They’ve even taken to posting the “I Saw you ads” in the Georgia Straight:

@BBCMagazine clears up the psychology behind instant attraction and why it’s possible to be smitten with someone on the subway

Yet another awesome reason to ride transit!!!

You just might find #LoveInTransit!

Or if you’re like me and you’ve already found love, transit is a great way to reconnect, rekindle and ride to your next date!