Your #TransitThursday mix tape. Press play & enjoy!

WOW! It’s really amazing to find out just how many songs are about trains, Amtrak, subways, trolleys, streetcars, buses, rail, railways, people riding transit, people you meet in transit, bus stops, train stations, or even about the ride. There’s practically a song for every genre and musical preference. So go ahead and listen! You might even hear your own #TransitThursday Mix Tape suggestion! :-) I threw in a few bonus transit sound clips and songs to boot! 

Press play & enjoy!

Thanks again everyone for your participation in another successful #TransitThursday celebration! Without you, these weekly celebrations would not be possible!

Happy #TransitThursday!

Before the Harlem Shake or the Electric Slide, there was a great group dance song by The Fatback Band called The Bus Stop. It’s a song about the dance you do while you’re waiting for the bus.

There are so many great songs about transit, whether it be Blackfoot’s - Train, Train or The Hollies - Bus Stop. So share your favorite songs about transit & let’s make a great mix tape! Don’t forget use the hashtag #TransitThursday or we won’t hear you’re awesome songs!

Let the music move you as you thank @chrismillerwbt for this awesome #TransitThursday topic!

How would you innovate the design of your #transit stop?

This morning I reblogged a post from Transportation Nation and GoBoulder…it was a photo of an innovative bus stop design in Paris; part bike share, part library, part meeting space…and oh, and by the way —>  IT’S A BUS STOP!!!  How awesome!

This #TransitThursday we ask: how would you innovate the design of your #Transit stop?

  • Would you add a library or a coffee shop?
  • Would you plant flowers around the sign?
  • Would you improve the seating or lighting?
  • Would you add wifi to make it a hotspot?
  • What would you add to your transit stop to make your experience even better?